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AVIDA - An Italian band from the early 80s - 
The Avida project was ideated by Maurizio Dami (aka A.Robotnick) in 1981. The project featured : Stefano Fuochi (synts) Daniele Trambusti (drums and recording) and Stefania Talini (visuals).
In the early 80s Florence was blooming with top level creativity throughout all fields ( theatre, fashion, design and music) . Avida’s music can be described as “cabaret -dance”; the lyric – extremely irrevent and genuinely “Florentine” in style – played a key role in it and that’s the reason why the project became popular almost exclusively at local level.
Avida perfectly fit in with a kind of underground music that was getting all the rage in Italy in those days: nonsense music (musica demenziale).
The structures were intentionally primitive, often made on cheap electronics. Maurizio Dami’s vocals , inspired on early 60s Italian singers (to carry on and close the typical 20 years cycle of revivals), such as Edoardo Vianello, had an appealing mix of trash and humour. 
Avida was essentially a live band. Their performances were a mix of theatre and music, where visuals played a major role.
Anyway, today some of that music still sounds interesting and not only due to its lyric.
“The cricket and the ant” is a cruel rock interpretation of a popular Tuscan rhyme, telling an awful story, some genuine piece of Tuscany Horror!
“I want to get out” is the most subtly ironic, in its crude electro-existential style – so hip in those days.
“I would so much love” is probably the most emblematic track : witty nonsense lyric and pure minimal electro music.
“The Wind” is a popular Italian song from the 60s by Lucio Battisti, rendered with ice-cold despair by Maurizio.
The only 7’ by Avida (published by Materiali Sonori in 1982) contains 2 tracks: “La bustina” and “A’fumme mariuŕ”, not included in this compilation. The reason why they were not included is that the rhyme and meaning of their lyric have a crucial significance that can only be fully appreciated by Italian listeners.
The  Avida's web page in Italian is available here


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