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AVIDA (1982- 2021) – Hot Elephant Music –

Release time 17/09/2021

Avida - album

The Avida project was ideated by Maurizio Dami (aka A.Robotnick) in 1981. The project featured : Stefano Fuochi (synts) Daniele Trambusti (drums and recording) and Stefania Talini (visuals).
In the early 80s Florence was blooming with top level creativity throughout all fields ( theatre, fashion, design and music) .

Avida’s music can be described as “cabaret -dance”; the lyric – extremely irrevent and genuinely “Florentine” in style – played a key role in it and that’s the reason why the project became popular almost exclusively at local level.

Avida perfectly fit in with a kind of underground music that was getting all the rage in Italy in those days: nonsense music (musica demenziale).

TRACKLIST:  01- Vorrei Tanto  02- Voglio Uscire  03- Il Grillo e la Formica 04- A’ Fumme Marjuà  05- La Bustina

06- Il Vento  07- Devo Andare  08- Television  09- Al Mare  10- Ho Vinto un Concorso per Boia


Radio Versions Vol 4 – Release May 28, 2021

Radio Versions VOL 4

Radio Versions VOL4 includes 8 tracks:

  1. Maiden Voyage (Herbie Hancock)
  2. Impressions (John Coltrane)
  3. Freddie The Freeloader (Miles Davis)
  4. Media House
  5. Moon Dance
  6. Freaker
  7. Famino
  8. Night Echoes

All tracks produced by Alexander Robotnick – Released by Hot Elephant Music  

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Radio Versions Vol 3 – Release May 14, 2021

Radio Versions VOL 3

Radio Versions VOL 3 includes 7 tracks:

1 – Les Grands Voyages De L’Amour (RADIO VERSION) 00:03:21
2 Can I Have An Ashtray? (RADIO VERSION) 00:03:36
3 Obsession For The Disco Freaks (RADIO VERSION) 00:03:16
4 Alienation (RADIO VERSION) 00:03:30
5 Undicidisco (RADIO VERSION) 00:03:43
6 You Have Time (RADIO VERSION) 00:03:49
7 It Was Like a Dream (RADIO VERSION) 00:03:44

All tracks composed and produced by Alexander Robotnick – Released by Hot Elephant Music 

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Radio Versions Vol 2 – Release April 30, 2021

Radio Versions Vol 2

Radio Versions Vol 2 includes 7 tracks:

1) Funky Skunky (Radio Version)
2) Fischio (Radio Version)
3) Can You Hear Me? (Radio Version)
4) Infinite Solitude (Radio Version)
5) Minore Terzo (Radio Version)
6) This Is No Country For Heroes (Radio Version)
7) Disco Action (Radio Version)

All tracks from Robotnick’s Archives except for n.2

All tracks composed and produced by Alexander Robotnick – Released by Hot Elephant Music 

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Radio Versions Vol 1 – Release: April 16, 2021

Radio Versions Vol 1

The first volume of Radio Versions by Alexander Robotnick includes 7 tracks:
1) Waiting for You (Radio Version)
2) Serenade (Radio Version)
3) It’s All Right Baby (Radio Version)
4) I Want You (Radio Version)
5) Le Freak (Radio Version)
6) Give me Something (Radio Version)
7) Je t’Envoie (Radio Version)
All tracks from Robotnick’s Archives except for n.7, from Oh..No Robotnick!
All tracks composed and produced by Alexander Robotnick – Released by Hot Elephant Music

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Robotnick’s Tips & Tricks on TB303 – PDF Tutorial

February 2020 Alexander Robotnick DJ-Set

Available on Robotnick’s News:

Although I gave up DJing in Europe, I’m still having some small gigs in India and Sri Lanka. Therefore I downloaded some promos and bought some tracks on Beatport and put together this hour and a half mix including mainly techno, progressive and melodic techno tracks in line with the current trend. It opens with Marco Passarani’s awesome remix of Endrik Schroeder’s track.

Alexander Robotnick


Endrik Schroeder – Everyday Of Your Life (Marco Passarani Remix) – Zone
Shero – Berlin Moon (Original Mix) – KlubKid Records
Dario Dea – Ready Player One (Original Mix) – Nein Records
NTFL – Vacio – Calypso Records
Nicola Cruz – Tu Recuerdo – Calypso Records
Ckick Loves India_Reactor_Original_Mix
88Dubs – Quanta (Alexandros Djkevingr & Greg Ignatovich Remix) – Secret Fusion
Captain Mustache – Mentally Naked feat. Chicks On Speed (Mateo Murphy Dub)
VCF – E06 (Cromie Remix) – Low Recordings
HANG – Around




N5 From Outer Space Behind the scenes

N5 From Outer Space by The Analog Session has recently reached over 1 million views!

It was January and it was quite chilly in my studio in the countryside even with heating on. That’s why we were dressed in heavy ,shapeless woolen gear. We were wearing caps to prevent the light from reflecting on our bald heads. But I like that many viewers thought we had dressed up like burglars.

Is there any cut? Yes, a couple. The original recording was very long, like all jam sessions.

Is there a computer? Yes there is one , it’s out of frame and runs Cubase. It doesn’t do much but sending the clock and a couple of sequences like that of the theme played by Oberheim. The remaining sequences are on-board. The computer is essentially necessary to record the 6 tracks that will allow to do a reasonably good mixing afterwards.

Is the very casual stage-set intentional? No, it’s not. We were too busy to make everything work that we couldn’t care about it. The only “touch” was the oscilloscope that made the scene looking even more retro. No use in the session

Is there any audio overdubbing? No, we just left it all minimal and improvised as it was.

Is there any video overdubbing? Yes, the modular and the ribbon slider were shot alone immediately after the session.

BTW the theme was written just 10 minutes before the session.

To put an end to the endless discussion about analog versus digital: Analog for us means  the source of the sound is analog, no matter if it has been recorded digitally. Digital recording, if  correctly done, doesn’t change the content of the audio signal. It just freezes it into recording!
Digital means  the sound has been created digitally, no matter if you are recording it on a tape cassette. It’s still f**ng digital!


The best tracks I’ve played in the last 8 years

(That is the tracks I would play when I was not required to play italo disco..;)

I dedicate this long Mix (3 hours) to all those kids who enjoyed my live DJ-sets and to the producers of these excellent tracks who worked hard to let us , DJs, make a living with their music. 😂
As I already repeatedly announced I’ll stop djing as of January 2020 but I’ll keep on playing live.
I don’t stop because I no longer enjoy dj-ing: I’m almost 70 and clubbing hours are giving me physical disconfort. Live-performances will hopefully run at more sustainable times of the night or day , especially at festivals.
In this long mix I made little distinction of genres as I actually do also in my DJ-sets.
It’s essentially a kind of Disco but it’s also tech-house, deep-house and progressive. The ideal music for private parties with best friends 😂
My DJ-sets are obviously more contaminated with stuff from the 80s but for this selection I picked only the tracks that I’ve bought or received as promos in the last 8 years and I ‘ve been playing many of them until today
It’s a straight off mix, please forgive any mistake or oversight.

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Ambiance – Hombre Arana (Club Duro Remix) – Duro
TYU – Afecto – Duro
Phaxx, Magnus Wallberg – What’s Going On_Original_Mix
Mike Spaccavento – Leave The Ground – Original Mix
Alexander Robotnick – Undicidisco (JV edit)
Simian Mobile Disco, Bicep -Sacrifice_Original_Mix
Cinthie – Together – 803 Crystalgrooves
Christian Smith, Wehbba -Make_U_Move_Original_Mix
2raum Wohnung – Mir kann nicht passieren (Glove grand disco rmx)
Ludovic LIorca – The world as I live it (original pitched)